god bless america and god bless you / by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

We noticed that the United States was noticeably absent from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's list of countries that had invaded other countries over the last 100 years for oil. Although it was laudable that Mr. Reid suggested that we have the wherewithal to extract ourselves from the oil grip, most everyone in America knows why the US invaded Iraq twice within 20 years. Withholding the truth doesn't make it go away. At least Mr. Reid didn't suggest that we're in Iraq because we need the sand for construction; something one just might hear next week in the Twin Cities.

Mr. Bill. Got to love him. One thing about him, he knows how to rouse a crowd and he knows how to get America to love and believe in itself. Democrats, who have lived for 7.5 years with Dumb and Dumber, sometimes forget why they loved Clinton so especially after our most recent primary season. It was because President Clinton had the rhetoric and the chops to make you believe. Sure Mr. Bill had his sins, and some were hard to forgive, and some were so absurd, it was hard not to yell, "no! he didn't!" Yes, he did.

Clinton does tend to forget that the economic growth over which he presided was largely built on credit-card debt and home refinancing. Some of the problems with today's credit and housing market collapses are attributable to Clinton era policies that allowed people to run amok with borrowing and allowed lenders to extend credit beyond reason. Everyone made out like bandits so no one was complaining; but all pyramid schemes eventually collapse and now the Bill has come due.

The most fervent speech of the night was given by Senator Kerry. He could have used some of the passion 4 years ago when he was taking on Bush2 and the Lying-Rove Juggernaut. Like Al Gore before him, he lacked the fire to call Bush the idiot that he is. Apparently Kerry can now see this since he isn't running for the highest-office-in-the-land and it remains to be seen if the Democrats are willing to toe-to-toe with people who will stop at very things to stay in power. This isn't an idle threat. Think about what this administration has done while in power. They aren't going to let go easily.