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Here's the video of Palin, as Governor, addressing a graduating class of divinity students at the Wasilla Assembly of Godin (her church at the time). It's the video where Palin has been fingered by some as saying some pretty inflammatory things such as, "God's will being done in Iraq", etc.

But if you watch the video, and check your outrage for a minute, you'll see she's just testifying they way they do in church, especially in an Assembly of God church. And she's talking to folks who will are getting ready to go preach to other folks so why expect her to suggest that the world is anything but God's will? Isn't she just underscoring the message taught to them in their school of divinity? Although I understand why she would say this to this crowd, my only real problem with the statement is that it sounds an awful lot like statements from others that go something like, "it's the will of Allah."

Yeah. Whatever. Seems like people do most of the damage in the world. Seems best to leave God/Allah out of it and work on yourself.

You might find her references to God offensive but they're really no different than the sermons of Rev. Wright whereby he condemns the shameful acts of America. You can argue all you want to about whether or not religion has a place in the White House or even in politics and I would very likely agree with you, but if you think Barack is going to leave Jesus behind and Joe Biden the Virgin Mary should they make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. then I think you're sadly mistaken.
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On a slightly related note. When I heard Barack Obama's retelling of a very old country porcine saw my first thought was, "he must be talking about McCain!"