yikes! / by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

The house of cards is shaky. Intuitively, everyone seemed to know that it was a fragile peace. It seemed that most of America, those with jobs and homes, were seemingly on track for early retirement, vacations in the Caribbean, and entrees garnished with foam. Don't think it's only the boomers who've been sucked into believing the good life is available for all. The top 3 shows on the CW (whatever happened to the WB?) are 90210, Gossip Girls (about the Upper East side of Manhattan, and The Privileged.

Don't think the worst is over. Congress is meeting to offer a buyout of many of those bad loans that caused the crisis in the first place. Essentially, Congress and the Federal Reserve will be tyring to keep the big firms afloat so there's money to lend to the minions. Unfortunately, without the money lenders - regardless of how corrupt and greedy they are, it's hard for small businesses to borrow money, harder for those who want to buy a house or car, to buy it. Harder to get a credit card at Sears or Nebraska Furniture Mart to buy applicances for the kitchen makeover. As the money dries up, so does the economy. And eventually jobs.

If Congress, the Federal Reserve, and the Big Money Lenders can reach a deal then just like after the Savings and Loan crisis in the early 80's, the government will be responsible for dealing with the bad loans that begat the whole process. Some in financial straits will be able to recover but many will not. Expect more foreclosures and more properties dumped on the market to be sold at auction at least through the next year. This won't be good for home values but it might mean if you're looking for a home, then the market the buyer's market will extend for several more years to come. All you need to be able to do is find someone to lend you the money to buy it.

Someday's you're really glad for the little things. Coffee. Granola. Yogurt. The day job.

If Sarah Palin isn't blinking then it's only because she's got too much sleep in her eyes.