fools gold / by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

I'm half expecting that McGruff the Crime Dog will just go ahead and concede the election this week. During the weekend, Obama dominated the news cycles with an announcement by Republican heavyweight Colin Powell that he's endorsing a Democrat for President and chastising, on national television, the Republican base for being out-of-touch with core American Values. On top of that we had news that the Obama fund-raising juggernaut set another monthly record (3 times the old record) and attracted nearly 650,000 new members. In the month of September alone! Then Obama held rallies in St. Louis in KC that purportedly saw a combined attendance of 175,000 people.

What did the McCain campaign offer to counter this tidal wave of national enthusiasm? McCain held rallies on both sides of the state on Monday and drew less than 1/10 of the crowds that Obama drew. McCain, searching for a new low in a campaign of marked by lows, charged that a terrorist will soon drive the country into socialism.

The McCain camp also offered VP candidate Sarah Palin up to SNL where she mostly stood aside and watched Tina Fey, Alex Baldwin, and Amy Pollar repeatedly skewer Palin's lack of intellectual curiostity. It's one thing to be a court jester and quite another to be the campaign fool.