ACORN squashed soup / by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Yes we can. More from the November is Squashed Month Series whereby we celebrate autumn, and the decline and fall of the Republican Party.

ACORN Squashed Soup

1 medium acorn squash.
1 medium sweet onion.
1 clove garlic.
2 sprigs fresh rosemary.
1 medium red pepper, roasted and skinned.
2-3 cups vegetable (can substitute chicken) stock.
1 cup heavy cream or half-and-half.
salt, pepper, hot sauce, and rosemary to taste.
Suggested garnishes. Roasted red pepper silvers, pumpkin seeds, and crumbled chevre.

Cooking time. ~1 hour total. Feeds 6-8 liberals.

Split the squash lengthwise and remove the seeds. Peel the onion, split in half, and place each onion half in the hollow section of the squash. Place squash, skin side up in a shallow baking dish. Pierce the skin repeatedly with a sharp knife, cover the bottom of the dish with a small amount of water (for steaming), add several sprigs of rosemary, and the garlic clove (unpeeled) to the pan. Cover and bake for ~1 hour until the squash is very tender. When the squash is tender you should be able to smell the galic and rosemary. Set aside to cool a bit before proceeding the next step.

Use the hour while the squash is baking to engage in progressive act ivies that will insure that the likes of war criminals like Dick "the Dick" Cheney never hold public office again. ACORN Squashed Soup is a value meal. Therefore, why not use the money that you might have spent eating out and instead, make a contribution to ACORN or

To finish the soup takes about 30 minutes. Scoop the squash into a large (8-qt) sauce pan. Add the cooked onion, and the red pepper, and squeeze the roasted garlic into the pan. Add 3 cups stock, 1 cup cream (or half-and-half), and cook until the flavors meld. About 15 minutes. You can turn up the heat and reduce the liquid for a thicker soup if so inclined.

Once the flavors have melded, remove from the heat and puree in a blender, vitamix, or food processor. Caution! This soup gets really hot and is thick enough to scald you severely if you let it fly out of the processor. Use a towel to cover your hands. Once blended, adjust the flavors; this a good point to add Tabasco or other hot sauce for zip.

Serve with hearty artisan bread or whole wheat crackers. Crumble some chevre (or feta or creme fraiche) on the top and you've got something that'll give you the energy to kick a conservatives ass.