answers! answers! we want answers! / by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

First the good news.

The answer, it turns out is 20. OK, 19 if you want to get really technical since a friend bummed one. All it takes is one pack of cigarettes to get hooked on nicotine.

Starting down tobacco road is relatively simple and it's, like the ad suggests, pretty smooth. Just start a routine. Anything. Keep it simple. Simple is best.

After you get everything done you need to do in the morning, have that cig and then head to work. Wow. This has been a pretty stressful morning, I think I'll take a walk and smoke a cig. Cool. Man. I feel better and now I can think straight. Made it through another day and just to relax I'll think I'll smoke one. Slowly. Oh yeah! That's sweet as a peach. Going out late tonight, feeling a little tired, I think I have myself a smoke.

Nothing to it. If you're only smoking 2-3 a day, a pack will last a week, week-and-a-half. But that's how you ease into it. Nice and slow. But now, NOW! it's decision time. Keep it going? Or stop right now. I know I can quit. Just one more.

But no. There. I've given it up. I feel better already. One reason I started smoking was so I could give it up. Now I've done both. Had the habit and kicked it clean. No more frantic moments trying to find a light.

Smoking cigarettes is a little like smoking weed - except cigarettes are legal. But oddly, cigarettes don't feel legal. Not anymore. Perhaps knowing 3 people who have died from smoking-induced lung cancer had something to do with this guilty feeling I always had when lighting up. Smoking was definitely a guilty pleasure, and it had its pleasures. But I don't think I'll miss the habit, unless one counts those pangs of remorse every morning and night.

Now, for what some of you might consider to be the bad news.

Instead of cigarettes, I'm going to take up cigar smoking. I've found this great new brand. Cuban seeds, hand-rolled, and as enticing as a room full of promises...but more on that later.