ass-whupping / by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Republican bullies, those annoying blow-hards with their lies and dumb-ass rhetoric are about the get a long-deserved ass-whupping at the polls on the Tuesday. It's not going to be close. It'll be rout as millions of Americans stand up and finally shout back to Dick "the Dick" Cheney's his own words, "no, sir, fuck you."

Tuesday will be one of those cathartic moments, like when the humans finally take back Planet Earth from the zombies and the whole audience gasps a sigh of relief and spontaneous applause breaks out in the theater. On Tuesday night folks will be kissing strangers and whopping and hollering in the streets just as the red-necks slink back into the dim lights of their water-downed beer and limited world view and wonder how they could have been so stupid as to believe in Bush and that skipping school was a solid plan for a future of getting-ahead and providing for your family.

What's weird is just how long we will have waited for this moment. Seems like 40 years since we've been allowed to dream. There were brief moments of promise such as when Clinton got elected but then he had to get all white trash on us and blow a whole bunch of good vibes with a cheap intern beneath the Resolute Desk.

This time though, when the neo-cons start whining, the blue-staters will be able to proudly say, "you fat-bastard ass-wipes had it coming. While you were sitting on your duff, driving your overloaded SUV to the mall, complaining about the Hispanic help at the McDonald's drive-through, we were out working our asses off for a new and better nation. And now guess what Repugs? It's not socialism we expect from you. But hard work. Time to get busy with the rebuilding. So get busy or leave!"