moi lands a golden ticket / by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

OK. So, I get this letter in the mail. An over-sized letter. From
(written in calligraphy) The Presidential Inauguration Committee. On the outside it says, "Handle with care." No. It can't be. Can it?

I carefully cut open the envelope to reveal an invitation, printed on heavy, cream-colored cardstock, with the gold-embossed seal of the Inauguration of the President and Vice-President. Suitable for framing. Holy shit! Is this my lucky day? Is this really a golden ticket? I examine it.
The Presidential Inauguration Committee requests the honor of your presence to attend and participate in the inauguration of Barack H. (ed. note: H, for Hussein) Obama as President of the United States of America and Joseph R. (ed. note: R, for Richard) Biden, Jr. as Vice-President of the President of the United States of America on Tuesday, the twentieth of January two thousand and nine in the City of Washington.
OMFG! Not only do they want me to come, they want me to participate. I am important. A player.

There's a letter attached. Only when I reach the 2nd paragraph do I find the catch. "This commemorative invitation invites your presence at any of the public events..." That takes a minute to sink in...I don't really need an invitation to attend the public events...but the thought was nice...just for a moment, that I might be important and lucky enough to go to the inauguration.

There's another brochure in the envelope. I look at it and then realize it's just a marketing gimmick to get me to buy things. They are trying to sell me inauguration branded merchandise. A blanket with the official inauguration seal (only $150 US dollars), a coffee cup ($20), a champagne flute (set of 2, $30). Any, all of it, can be mine. I feel a little let down.

In the almost year since I first gave my eddress to the Obamaites, I've received hundreds of requests for money. And by giving a little, this seems only to have solicited even more requests. The day of the election, I received a request for a donation and then the day after the election another one.

Once Barack officially takes the oath of office,he can't sell his image to make money; he can't benefit financially from the office of the President, that would be against the law. If he could, we might be able to buy ourselves out of the recession. Others though, can and will profit from his image. Perhaps Shepard Fairey can sell enough Barack branded stuff to lift the entire economy up and out of recession? Time will tell.

Maybe I can sell new money? Let's start the bidding right now. Who'll give $5. Five dollars! Now 10, gimme 10. Let's hear it for 10. I get $5 bills, put Barack's image on them and sell them for $10. Double my money. I could make a fortune!
official key ring of the 2009 inaguration