warrior ant press: 2009 food trends / by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Not long ago moi's spawn turned me onto this restaurant in Chicago, Alinea, that is so pretentious they've even hired a fashion consultant to dress the kitchen staff. Now the food looks pretty incredible and the web site shows lots of images of cutting edge cuisine, but there are a couple of things that seem to be missing. Women in the kitchen. Stain's on the chef's aprons. The food looks like a mirage but the prices are more like billboards. Fine dining perhaps if you're a one-percenter or have just sold an Illinois Senate seat for a tidy sum, but a little beyond the means of the majority of ants. However, it did get us to thinking, what will cuisine look like in the post-apocalyptic Bush garden?

So today, given the state of the economy, warrior ant press, suggests some food trends you might want to be on the lookout for in 2009.

Gruel. Served with fallen apples. Waste not, want not!

Soul food mash-ups. Examples. Deep-fried free-range cornish hens with balsamic-drizzled collard greens and ginger biscuits. Spicy crab cakes on a concassé of beets, sweet potatoes, and turnips.

Invasive species. For example. Asian Carp en papillote with kudzu sprouts and garlic mustard.

Moonshine martinis.

Yard birds. The original free-range bird; hey, don't be ashamed, it was good enough for your granny.

Stealing chickens. Lure your neighbor's chickens onto your property in time for Sunday dinner. (All things considered, be sure to offer prayers).

2009 will also be the year of lawn-fed beef, deep-fried foam, and smoked air with essence of truffles.

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