wow! i didn't even realize that was my photograph / by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Tom Gralish on the trail of art, propaganda, and copyright infringement.

where did HOPE come from?

Probably more than you need to know about the Shepard Fairey/Obama Hope/AP Manny Garcia controversy but some nice detective work revealed. Has it moved officially to the status of controversy, or has the story about "oh no!, you mean some famous baseball players took steroids?" now supplanted it our collective, celebrity-deficit-disorder minds. Speaking of relevance, or lack thereof, the A-Roid revelations would seem to put the whole one-bong hit wonder Gold Medal performance of Michael Phelps into perspective.

Gralish does reveal interesting tidbits about the story, including how long it took everyone to figure out who took the photograph. Even the photographer, who traveled with Obama during the campaign, and who saw the HOPE image hundreds, if not thousands of times, didn't realize it was based upon his photograph.