researchers sudue, kill giant worm / by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Researchers from the University of Idaho captured, subdued, and then killed a giant earthworm that feeds on prairie remnants. The worm, Driloleirus americanus, has rarely has been sighted. Locals say the pink worm, some of which have been purported to reach lengths of 9 feet, smells like a Lily. The Palouse earthworm's translucent skin allows the few who have ever seen one to watch the giant worm chew productive soils to pieces and then shit them out. Thousands of acres of native prairie lands have been destroyed in the last century in the Palouse earthworm region.

Another worm, taken in the same raid, was subdued with a stun gun, is currently being held hostage at a remote laboratory. It's unclear what the researchers are demanding in return but additional funding is believed to be central to their request.

Image of Palouse earthwork by Kelly Weaver, University of Idaho