salted tomatoes / by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

We're not posting recipes since we're on sabbatical but inspired by a blogger who has posted some 9,000 images of everything he's consumed over the past 5 years we thought it apropos to share a few meals of the last several months. Savvy cooks only need an idea to figure out the recipes anyway so let's hope these inspire you to get happy in the kitchen.

Starter. Roasted carrot, golden beet, apple, and red pepper soup. Winter heaven.

Some pasta. Roasted califlower and almonds with acorn squash puree. More winter heaven.

Every since I saw Lidia Bastianich discuss salted tomatoes I've eschewed my former habit of ignoring all store-bought tomatoes and now use this technique to make them worthy of being in the cook's repertoire. Of course they'd be better with fresh tomatoes but those are only available for a couple of months a year. Look for the ripest ones and use only Roma or plum varieties. Tomatoes must be blanched in boiling water and the skins removed. Then sprinkle liberally with rock salt and place in non-reactive container. Drain for 4 hours. Then toss with olive oil, minced garlic, and balsamic vinegar. Let stand for 24 hours in the fridge. Excellent base for all sorts of dishes including several below.

For example.Salted tomatoes with bleu cheese and pecans. Or Stewed Chicken with asparagus.

Then there is line caught Pacific Halibut from Alaska, second only to the Alaskan Copper River King Salmon for flavor, texture, and yummy goodness. Cube, season, then quickly poach for a stew or tacos.

A couple of fruit tarts, each with a nut crust, for desert.] althought I've practically forgotten how to make these. They're only as good as the fruit.

Don't forget the leftovers. I love leftovers almost as much as the meal. Especially when the $100 turkey is involved. Heritage turkey on a plate of garlic mashed blue potatoes or an open-faced sandwich on homemade bread. Both with a cranberry confit.