michael jackson

long distance dedication by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

I don't see or talk to my friend nearly enough but whenever I do she makes me smile and laugh and remember that I can't moonwalk worth a shit although I still believe it's possible that someday I might learn how and that she might learn to love me the way that I have learned to love her. Casey, I know that relationships are complicated - this one certainly has had it's share of weirdness - but I keep thinking that someday she'll hear my song and want to sing along. Please play Smile, that great Charlie Chaplin tune for my dear friend who's listening out there in her own special way; I know it's hard for her because, as my latest FB status update indicates, it's complicated. Well. tell me a relationship that isn't? In a world that sometimes seems too big, music and movies and magic sure makes it seem small. We'll miss you.

Cover art for the album "U2" by Negativland via Wikipedia.

mixed-raced men can't dance? by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Well at least Michael Jackson figured out a way to continue to remain controversial, even in his death. What's the death of a famous person without the suspicion of a drug overdose-accidental or on purpose?

One thing troubles me though and it should trouble you. Biggie O can't even give a shout out to a brother who's been lost down the troubled road of fame? An American brother as famous as Michael Jackson? Sure Micheal has some high negative numbers but the dude was huge. Bigger, yes, than Elvis. Than Princess Di. As big, if not bigger than Muhammad Ali. Has there ever been a bigger American star than MJ? Come on, Biggie, "Loosen up!" I'm beginning to believe that old saw - mixed race men can't dance.

Photo: White House Photo Office, National Archives via Wikipedia Commons