the 2009 mr340: the mixed tandem division / by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Lot's of talk this year about heated action in the mixed tandem division of the MR340. A number of teams new to the MR340 could provide surprises. However, the pairing of three time winner West Hansen with 2008 Women's solo champ, Katie Pfefferkorn, has to make them the odds on favorites. Expect a couple of local favorites to give them trouble along the way. As long as the anti-inflammatory agents work, I Be Pro Fun team (Chuck and Di McHenry) will make anyone serious about the race have suffer to stay in front. The Cedar Strippers, a pairing of one of last year's women's tandem winner, Tabatha Adkins, and versatile athlete Charlie Lockwood, may surprise folks with the quality of their craft.

But let's not forget last year's winners, the Ninja Raccoons, Mike Massey and Jana Shannon. Masters of down playing expectations the team utilizes a rigorous, yet unorthodox training regime to prepare for the race.

"It's 90 percent mental," said Massey recently while repeatedly hoisting pints of Boulevard Dry Stout. When asked if she was ready to defend her title, teamate Shannon casually remarked, "well, if by being ready, did I by the sunscreen, the answer is yes."
The Ninja Raccoons receive some last minute advice from personal trainer, Admiral Clever of the Le Cirque Imaginaire.