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The Internet, the coffee shop sans coffee where free-speech minded, democratic-loving members of the left and right go hot-tubbing on Sunday morning, is nothing to sneer at. OK, decidedly untrue, but in the interest of plot, let us suspend disbelief for a moment.

Writing recently in the NY Times Carpetbagger blog, host Melena Ryzik reminds us that the dirty cauldron of Hollywood business is still, well, dirty. For this Republicans surely rejoice; the rest concern yourselves with the red carpet faux paus of Ryan Seacrest.

Background from Bagger2.0:
On Wednesday, Mark Boal, the screenwriter and a producer of the movie [The Hurtlocker], was named in a lawsuit brought by Master Sgt. Jeffrey S. Sarver, whose Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit Mr. Boal embedded with in Baghdad in 2004 as part of an assignment for Playboy magazine.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in New Jersey, is based on six counts, including misappropriation of name and likeness, invasion of privacy, infliction of emotional distress, fraud and negligent misrepresentation. It seeks in excess of $75,000 for each count, along with costs, interest and legal fees. It charges that the movie amounted to “the exploitation of a real-life, honorable, courageous and long-serving member of our country’s armed forces, by greedy, multibillion-dollar ‘entertainment’ corporations.”
The best, and seemingly most appropriate response by many to this was:
Hey, Master Sgt. Jeffrey S. Sarver, here's something to add to your emotional distress: You're a simpering overgrown baby.

How's that for defamation. Sue me.--quin wag, claremont
Let's hope that federal court appointees who, unlike Hollywood stars, are anointed for life, were listening.