"world's largest lesbian craft festival"

anti-craft goes mainstream by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

We were deep in the clutches of a week long absinthe binge when the Divine Hand of Brilliance touched us in an inappropriate place.

Thus begins the anticraft manifesto. It's a good place to start but seemingly ends in a vegan wrapped in bacon–which in all honestly isn't a bad start. But why stop there? Why not dip them in chocolate (72% cocoa!) afterwards.

One would have thought that bacon had reached its cultural, if not porcine, nadir with Bacon Explosion, a two pound, flame-grilled hunk of sausage wrapped in an equivalent weight of bacon. Pre-cooked weight 4 lbs; cooked weight 2.75 lbs: you can guess where the difference lies. The only thing less surprising than the viral nature of this singular flavor was the fact that it wasn't deep fried, which I hesitate to even mention because surely the next version will be just that to accompany your deep-fired turkey.

Once bacon, seemingly the only pork product that isn't white meat, moved into the pantheon of an Iron Chef secret ingredient we knew the trend was nearing an end. Bacon can be many things but never a secret ingredient.

Bacon shawl photo from monster crochet.

holly holly holly! it's the world's largest lesbian craft festival by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Today, during an annual trip to purchase winter Holiday gifts, we discovered that the Creative Candle Factory outlet was no longer open for business. Instead, one can purchase these same candles from various retailers, such as Pryde's Olde Westport, or at the online shop. While I was happy to note that the company is still in business, the downside is that we've likely been priced out of the market for tapered beeswax candles. The great thing about the Creative Candle factory outlet, besides that you could see them dipping candles, was that one could buy beautiful, hand-dipped, tapered beeswax candles - at a fraction of the retail cost. It was a great place for wedding, holiday, and housewarming gifts.

The outlet sold candle seconds, although one would generally have to be a more discriminating shopper than moi to see the flaws. It was great because you could fill your house with enough candles to burn through the longest winter night. One could also buy boxes of votives for luminaries and breath second life into the hundreds of luminary bags left after the Coleman Highlands Christmas eve display. Creative Candles was a fun place to shop and I hate to see it go.

I suppose one could trot over to Pryde's Olde Westport (which is fun, local, BUT expensive) and buy retail, but haven't you heard? Times are tough.

We may be able to find some replacement candles at the World's Largest Lesbian Craft Festival but they certainly won't be the quality of the beeswax ones at Creative Candle. They'll likely be over-scented soy candles. One can sometimes find very interesting and affordable gifts at the World's Largest Lesbian Craft Festival. One can certainly find Venus de Willendorf (scented with bergamont and ylang) soaps for that special someone. If you haven't yet been scented and rubbed by an overweight woman with pendulous breasts, then you need to get down on the Venus.

It's a bit sad the WLLC Festival has moved, since, by serendipity, moi has lived but a stone's throw from where the event has been held and now I'll have to drive the car. Year's ago it was held at a church in my neighborhood and we always found it charming that the church had found a new way of serving the community by hosting a large gathering of pagans so that folks could buy Christmas presents.

World's Largest Lesbian Craft Festival
Brush Creek Community Center
3801 Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64101
Dec. 5-6, 2008

Directions: 71 Hwy to Cleaver II Blvd
(change from Brush Creek Rd.)
From the North turn left
From the South turn right
Follow signs Brush Creek Community Center

world's largest lesbian craft fesitval by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

This weekend, the 23rd edition of the World's Largest Lesbian Craft Festival, shows their holly holly holly at the Westport Roanoke Community Center, just downstream from the Worldwide Anthill Headquarters of Warrior Ant Press.

These felted, or more properly fulled, xmas trees, wasn't made by a lesbian, although they could have been. They are environmentally friendly enough for eco-pagans (aren't all pagans by definition eco?) because unlike the mayor's xmas tree, no old-growth douglas fir trees were felled in their making, although a number of green sheep were shorn.

Other environmentally friendly things you can do this season:

*vote a Republican from office
*take our carbon neutral xmas lights tour instead of stringing your own
*buy lesbian instead of chinese

m.o.i.: felted xmas trees. Found objects, some felted, some knot. 2007. Dimensions vary. ~12 x ~5 x ~5