RE imagine: a time-based mural project

RE_Imagine was developed during an 19-month Neighborhood Artists Residency program. The program is housed in a building which formerly served as a fast-food, fried chicken restaurant and then later as a payday loan business. Over the course of the residency, we asked neighbors and citizens to engage with the project and offer their ideas for what the building should, or could, look like. And to do so without constraints of time and/or money. These community driven images and ideas were then shared with more traditional muralists who used our research to inform their creation of a series of painted exterior murals. The creative input of individuals who engaged with the project and offered their ideas for how re-imagine this space was turned into a short time-lapse film. The film was then projected on both the interior and exterior of the building. RE_Imagine creates, in essence, a time-based mural that showcases the history of community engagement over the life of the residency program.