pray hard and move your feet / by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Michael McDonald, who somehow turned into an aging r&b singer, channeled Dr. John during a rendition of America the Beautiful in the warm-up to Barack's acceptance speech at Invesco Field. I guess John Rebennack Jr. is a little too esoteric for the centrists, especially considering the good Doctor's sharp criticism of all things government as it relates to Katrina and the good Doctor's love of voodoo. By November, the Democrats may be hoping for more gris-gris and less pop standards.

Democrats need to be careful about channeling too deeply in the past and playing too safe in the center. Certainly they've shown they know how to embrace some new technologies; perhaps something as simple as a text message, albeit millions of them, can win this election.

But it's unlikely they'll win the election with powerful rhetoric. It's not that we aren't a fan of powerful rhetoric - because we are. The problem is that too many Americans aren't. Middle America doesn't read enough, sports and celebrity are more interesting to Walmarters than powerful rhetoric that calls people to service.

Think about this for just a moment. Dr. Rev. M.L. King Jr., this nation's greatest orator, held captive millions with his sermons and powerful message of non-violent change. He did effect change and he did empower many, many people to act. But most did not. Many Americans found his message threatening. Not because his message wouldn't benefit them, but because King's message of change was too different from their narrow view of what meaningful change would mean to them. The sixties were full of fear and today, 40 years later, the nation is still full of fear. The current administration has been driving this fear down our throats and too many folks, instead of hurling it back in the streets, just open wide and smile.

As cautious as the Democrats can be, the even more cautious conservative Christians who've been praying for rain may have gotten their wish this week. Prayer can be a powerful force although sometimes it seems that God either has a poor sense of hearing or a weird sense of humor. Instead of raining in Denver during Obama's acceptance speech as the closed-minded wanted, it's going to rain in New Orleans on the anniversary of Katrina. If those silly conservatives believed in science, they'd understand why Denver's the sunniest city in America (even more so than Southern California) and climatologically-speaking a desert. And they might understand how hurricanes gain strength over waters warmed by global climate disruption.

Regardless. Now's the time to start moving. Pick the direction you want to go.