sports au naturel / by Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Swiss golfer, Henrick Stenson, proves that golf is the only professional sport where one is permitted to play in your underwear. I really think he's just trying to get a Jockey endorsement.

However, there are several amateur sports where folks take the au naturel approach. For instance, there's the little known sport of ice chopping whereby naked men, wielding only an axe, courage, and a shriveled penis see who can chop the fastest route across a frozen river.

Then there's probably the craziest sport ever invented, naked skateboard luge, where, and this is no joke, people lie down naked on a skateboard and attempt to ride down steep and winding hills. A few summers ago, while walking home late one night, my friend and I heard the distinctive sounds of wheels on pavement coming in our direction. We stopped and waited. In a few seconds, around the bend came a person lying prone on a skateboard. They whizzed past us gathering speed and we marveled as they leaned and guided the streaking board expertly down the broad hill and evenly around curves. Once they went out view, we both looked at each other and asked incredulously, "was that person naked?" Sure enough. We found a spot near the top the hill and watched for the next hour as one after one crazed young adults stripped and took to the hill wearing only sneakers.

The fun only stopped after a car blindly approaching from the opposite direction nearly ran over one of the lugers as they passed each other in the middle of the road. The driver stopped when he got to the top of hill, jumped out of the car, and shouted, "you're going to get someone killed!"

To which I replied, "hey, did you happen to notice that person wasn't wearing any clothes?" The driver gave me a puzzled look, got back in his car, slammed the door, and burned rubber as he drove off. Spoil sport!

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